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K.P. Reddy has more than twenty-five years of entrepreneurship experience. He has started, grown, and sold multiple successful startups, and he has been involved in both IPOs and strategic acquisitions. K.P.’s work and his businesses have been featured prominently in numerous news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. He is also a popular speaker at tech summits such as South by Southwest, and he has advised numerous firms on innovation, from Coca-Cola to UPS. K.P. lives in Atlanta, where he is the cofounder of The Combine, an organization that assists tech entrepreneurs and enterprises in converting promising ideas into high-growth companies.

My blog posts

Hey, Startup Founders: Take Better Care Of Your Employees

When hiring as a founder, one of your goals is to take care of people. A higher level of responsibility to your employees exists when you’re leading a startup compared to when you’re a leader in a big corporation. The last thing any of us wants is to have someone quit his or her job because they can’t pay their bills, or to get divorced because a pay cut creates marriage problems.