Keesa Schreane

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About Me

Keesa manages global content marketing for Thomson Reuters. She enables customer engagement around trading analytics, risk management, machine readable news and visualization tools. Her focus is on creating service-centered marketing experiences for customers and communities. Keesa is a contributor to publications including StartUp Grind, Essence and Latina. She is on the Business Resource and Investment Service Center Board of Directors and served on the Girl Scout’s Leadership Advisory Board. @KeesaCamille LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keesa-schreane-6b45bbb

My blog posts

Creativity Unleashed: 4 Quick Tips

At the drop of a hat, I can be creative. However, it hasn't always been this easy and I still have struggles - occasionally.

The 2017 Midday Fix: 5 Energy Boosters for Midday Fatigue

I am a morning cocktail connoisseur. No, I'm not talking about indulging in alcoholic cocktails. I'm talking about using a combination of morning habits and routines that turn me from "Dozing Off Dora" to "Killin' It Keesa," before 8am.