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I am the VP of Business Development and part owner of Social&Loyal, a SaaS company specialized in gamified loyalty. I have spent 4 years living in Spain and Greece while working as an International Business Developer for a Digital Marketing Group in Barcelona. I enjoy writing about loyalty strategies, gamification, social media, tech innovation and above all the ins and outs of growing a tech startup between three continents. See more at

My blog posts

Women In Business: Why We All Need A Support Group

Before we get any further let's clear things up. This is not a an angry post to roast men in the workplace or explain how unfair the wage gap is across industries. This is clear enough, time is up.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Leave the Country

The year is 2012 and a ripe 20 year old - feeling magnificent and prepared to take on the world made their first stop out of their country of origin. Where? Madrid.