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Slash | Altruistic utilitarian | Neophyte epistemologist | Optimal forager | Wannabe ideologist | In search of the optimal level of drunkenness | I am a consultant (stuff that makes money) turned startup investor/advisor (yeah, stuff that doesn't usually make money) | One thing that doesn't change is my passion to solve problems. Well, at least trying to understand the problem and find a way to express it |

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What Do People Get Wrong About Startups These Days?

First, I want to introduce you to Buddy.

The Startup Books That You Should Avoid

If you search “best startup books” on Google, just like almost every other time when you are unsure of something, you are sure to get the following titles. Yes, reading is fun but if you are a founder of an early-stage startup, you should really avoid reading them.

How's Your Relationship Going With Your Startup?

Building a startup is a whole lot like starting a love relationship. Oh, as you go further into the journey, such as raising a series A, term sheet negotiation with institutional investors is pretty much identical to signing a prenuptial agreement. But let’s be patient, we will get to that later. Everyone has to start off somewhere.