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About Me

Louisa is a digital marketing expert who has founded three companies in the past 10 years and enjoys the challenge of setting up and running a successful business. Louisa spends her time as the Founder and CEO of events company Interactive Minds which brings the digital marketing industry together to learn, connect and be inspired through events in Australia. Louisa is the Chapter Director for Startup Grind Brisbane.

My blog posts

The First Step For Startups to Conquer Digital Marketing

Over the years I have had some experience in working with early stage startups and advising them on their digital marketing approach. I usually start not by discussing tactics but by addressing key digital marketing principles that startups should know.

From Mowing Lawns to Building a Fintech Enpire, Greg Ellis from Nimble talks "Walking in your customers' shoes"

Frustrated with the lack of loan options, Greg Ellis co-founded Nimble originally under the name "Cash Doctors" - and promptly learned a dose of empathy. The business didn’t lose money at the start, but didn’t make a lot of it either, prompting the founders to start a side business: mowing lawns. Each founder took one day off each week to supplement their income with landscaping work, and on reflection, Ellis confessed being broke helped him empathize with his customers by "walking in their shoes."

If not me, then who? The Robotic Future with Stephen Phillips (Mawson Robotics, ex-Twitter)

Stephen was a co-founder of We Are Hunted - an emerging music chart site, which scanned the web to identify upcoming talent. We Are Hunted was acquired by Twitter in late 2012, and was eventually relaunched as Twitter Music, and finally brought back to life as Wonder.fm. Stephen’s latest project is Mawson Robotics – utilizing the power of robotics and machine learning to change the world.