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Director, Europe at Startup Grind. Founder of Bhere.TV, a platform that brings business leaders live online. Startup mentor and judge at Virgin Startup, Startup Weekend & Mass Challenge. Ex-Orange, ex-Reebok. Contributor to Virgin.com Marian was featured in New Europe 100 (organised by Financial Times, Google, Respublica and Visegrad Fund), the list of outstanding challengers who are leading world class innovation from Central and Eastern Europe.

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The Most Important Point about Female Founders Month

The world of startups and entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It is an extremely competitive place where only the most dedicated, passionate and driven founders survive. One of the most visible inequalities in this sector is lack of female entrepreneurs.

Why the World will Miss Dave Goldberg

There are people in this world who are smart, hard working and successful and then there are people who are all that plus they have a kind heart and everybody loves them.  Dave Goldberg had the kindest of hearts. He loved helping entrepreneurs and giving back to the startup community. That was basically the whole mission of his company SurveyMonkey, where he was a CEO: to help people make better decisions with data. Let us celebrate Dave Goldberg and his life's work.

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