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About Me

Mark Bavisotto is a serial entrepreneur based in Raleigh,NC. He holds an MBA with Distinction from Keller Graduate School of Management. He has experience building and selling educational technology solutions in the E-learning market. He has designed, built, and sold technologies from learning management systems to online school platforms in the educational technology space. He's currently the founder EduStruct. Edustruct is the parent company to On-Demand IT Services. On-Demand IT Services is a full scale app development and IT services firm based in the US where our mission is to help companies create technology solutions for the modern world. We're a global team of a 100+ people who are available to help your company take their IT projects to the next level. Our on-demand IT Services model allows your company to hire our team to start and finish those all important IT projects. We follow a simple 3 step model that takes the hassle out of outsourcing. 1. Define the work: You would work with our BA to establish work requirements. 2. Create a team: Based on the requirements, we would recommend the number of team members for that project. We handle everything so you don't have to worry about it. 3. Start Project: We follow an agile methodology, which allows for seamless communication and adjusting to requirements on the fly. If you're interested in us taking a look at your IT needs shoot me a note mark@writso.com The greatest indicator of success both academically and socially is how involved a parent or guardian is in their child's life. Mark loves to help others succeed in both business and life. He writes for LinkedIn on subjects ranging from entrepreneurship to disrupting education. When's he not focused on scaling his businesses, Mark loves to spend time with his wife and two amazing kids Evan And Sienna. His three professional passions in life are, Education,Technology,and Entrepreneurship.