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I'm a tech & media entrepreneur, writer, and effective altruist. By day, I work on projects at the intersection of marketing, content, and cryptocurrency. By night, I organize communities like OneSalon in San Francisco; publish stories and strategies on business, technology, health, and travel to outlets like Inc and Fortune; and dive into hobbies like cooking and mixing music. I used to be the Editor in Chief at Startup Grind, where I grew our following to 1.5m monthly viewers. Professionally, I've explored diplomacy at the UN, advertising at AOL, venture-funded entrepreneurship (in China!) with the backing of Chinaccelerator & SOS Ventures, and publishing as author of two books on doing business in Asia. I'm an advisor to IndieBio and occasionally advise startups on growth.

My blog posts

Marc Andreessen & Clayton Christensen: "Venture capital is abundant, opportunity is scarce"

Years after Clayton Christensen flipped Marc Andreessen’s world upside down, the two finally sat down for a conversation in Silicon Valley. Andreessen was taught the algebra of business: “If big companies are well run, startups can’t take them out.” You must wait until a company is poorly run to attack. Christensen, with the publishing of bestseller Innovator’s Dilemma, taught the world “the calculus of business,” Andreessen complimented: “for my generation… flipped [the algebra of business] on its head.”

Finding Our Tribe: Forbes' Newest "30 Under 30" Founders on Life & Business After Making the List

You know you’ve made it when you’ve found yourself on Forbes’ Billionaire list - an annual collection of the world’s most rich and powerful men and women, carefully curated by Forbes’ increasingly selective (and increasingly prestigious) panel of judges. But for founders and investors, more interesting than a study of those at the top is one of those on their way there.

SG SoCal: From AgTech to Celebrity Hunting, Meet Los Angeles' Hottest Startups

It wasn't long ago that Dollar Shave Club turned a sensational YouTube video into a billion dollar exit to Unilever - and Los Angeles' tech scene has been dropping one blockbuster after another since. Though Elon's Master Plan Part Deux, as reported by Silvia, was the big news of August, just this weekend Snap Inc (formerly Snapchat) revealed its first foray into hardware, the Spectacles - and with a veiled "rest in peace" nod to Google Glass, setting sights on besting Silicon Valley at its own game. Show business isn't the only industry keen on spinoffs here.