Michael Georgiou

About Me

Michael Georgiou is the CMO and Co-founder of Imaginovation, a full service, turn-key web and mobile development company serving Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. He's a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, online branding, project management and communication projects.

My blog posts

YouTube: How a Failed Dating Website Created Success

YouTube started as a dating website. Most people don’t remember that or had no idea that today’s second-largest search engine got its start with the aim for romance.

In 2018 Is Your Business's IT Infrastructure Vulnerable?

Security was one of the top buzzwords for 2017. From ransomware attacks to data leaks, it’s apparent hackers are out there working hard — and consumers are starting to feel far more skeptical of our data management.

How to Leverage Online Reviews for Increased Sales

Online reviews are out there about your company’s service or products, whether you asked for them or not. These reviews contribute to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can drastically affect how consumers view your business. How can you use these reviews to help your business instead of negatively impacting your reputation?