Michael Savvides

disruption · technology · innovation · 3D Printing · digital strategy

About Me

I am young, creative and super energetic professional living in Cape Town, South Africa. At the beginning of 2017 I completed my MBA at The University of Manchester, UK. I have a background in construction and engineering, where I am currently working for a massive container shipping organization (quite the career change, i know). However, I have not lost my passion for entrepreneurship, where after completing my MBA, I followed my true passion and co-founded an outdoor media advertising company as well as a IOT start-up tech company, where we are developing a mobile App parking solution. As one would expect, we have experienced many highs and lows along the way, but that is the best part of the journey if you ask me. I have a huge passion for innovation and disruption, where I believe we are living in the most interesting and crucial time of humanity. Technology is enhancing at a rate never seen before, The 4th Industrial Revolution is happening as be speak. My goal is to first establish my own startup as a profitable business and hopefully create a few more later on in life, where my aim is to positively impact people's lives, educate as well as create significant value in whatever I do.

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