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"Life-Long Entrepreneur and Fractional CMO", taking a growth-focused approach toward solid and innovative results through visually delicious presentations, team challenges that propel innovation, and ideas that lead to full-fledged experiences. Connect with Michele to build an audience for your business, and convert prospects into customers via landing page solutions that enable revenue for your startup. She is the “Voice” of Breakthrough radio, a global business radio show. Make sure when you visit Houston’s chapter you ask her about how she tamed a herd of buffalo in Montana.

My blog posts

"Play Bigger" - A Must Read Book for Startup Founders Building The Next Big Thing

Crafting books built on deep focus, meticulous research, and an unabashed love for the entrepreneurial world, Christopher Lochhead - the author of Play Bigger - is a top entrepreneurial mind worth listening to. Sitting with Breakthrough Radio host Michele Price, Lochhead dug into actionable advice on the past, present, and future of market positioning.

Prezi CTO Halacsy: Silicon Valley is a Good School But Lacks Extra Sense of Purpose

Whether you’re at a startup hub like Silicon Valley or a small community overseas, building a successful startup is challenging. Launching a product requires much more than just finding smart people, hustling, and inventing something new. You need a team who can help you solve the hardest problems and advice you.

Gender Gap: Avoid Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs

No really, you need to hear me out.