Muthoni Njoki

About Me

Muthoni is currently the Production Lead and dedicated blogger at Startup Grind Nairobi. She recently joined one of the county governments in Kenya as an ICT officer. With 2 years experience in working with startups in different capacities, business development, marketing, project management and film production.

My blog posts

New to Startups? 5 Things Every Kenyan Startup Employee Will Experience

The first paying job I had was at a startup when I was still in my second year of university. Ever since then, I have worked in small teams at startups, except for my current full time job in the government. I have seen and experiences the lows and ups of startups. Here are the top 5 lessons that stuck with me until this day:

Hip Hop Superstar Juliani: Bringing the Entrepreneurial Change to Dandora

​What comes to your mind when you hear the name Dandora? Largest dumpsite in Nairobi? Violence? Gangs? Slum? Juliani? Ukoo Flani?

PR Rockstar Gina Din: Create Your Own Status Quo

Does entrepreneurship know gender? Who's a philanthropreneur? Is there a difference between being self employed and being an entrepreneur? What challenges do women face in the entrepreneurship journey and how can they overcome the challenges?