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Nate Matherson is a personal finance and technology writer. Nate is a 21 year old Millennial, Entrepreneur, and graduate from the University of Delaware.

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Entrepreneurs Can Make Financial Resolutions Too

It's that time of the year. Before you jump on the same bandwagon as everyone else and resolve to workout more because you’ve had one too many gingerbread cookies this season, consider making financial resolutions a priority in 2017.

Should Your Startup Offer Student Loan Repayment Benefits?

Forget gym vouchers or compressed work weeks. The hottest employee benefit right now is student loan repayment assistance. While only four percent of employers are offering this perk to date, more and more companies are creating student loan repayment programs.

Don’t Let Student Debt Keep You From Launching a Startup

The majority of employers in the United States are small businesses and startups. With national student loan debt surpassing $1.3 trillion, small business growth has slowed considerably. Entrepreneurs with great ideas are putting off launching a business — or dismissing the idea altogether — to get a job and get a handle on their debt. This issue has a significant negative effect on the economy. However, there are options available for would-be entrepreneurs to launch their business while managing their loans.