Nazzal Naseer

  • Dubai

About Me

I'm an up and coming entrepreneur who is seeking help from the bests in the industry. I'm currently experimenting with Machine Learning and Front-end web development and working on getting better at Graphic Designing and Creative Video Editing using After Effects and Premiere Pro. I aspire to become a tech entrepreneur and a leader in the industry. But in order to reach my goals, I need help from entrepreneurs who've made it and can lend a hand to a beginner. Subjects like mechatronics, astrophysics and quantum physics inspire and intrigue me. I would also love to get help from freelancers on how I can make it in a competitive world, as a writer.

My blog posts

Why Startups Fail


AI Revolution

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that The Law Of Accelerating Returns has been working in favor of human progress. Our species is exclusive to experiencing such exponential development. And statistically speaking, it's only about to get more fast-paced. But with the wake of AI, human beings may not have to do all the heavy lifting. 

"I Know A Guy.."

A few weeks ago, I was at a tech summit for the purpose of meeting like-minded people. I'd only just been advised by my grandfather that one of the biggest assets you could have is your connections. So with my shirt tucked, bow tied, hair groomed, I set out for this event hoping I'd meet useful people I could benefit from knowing.