Omer Molad

About Me

Omer is on a mission to reinvent the recruiting experience to make it effective, fair and enjoyable. Omer’s experience building teams, and being a candidate himself, has led him to believe that people should be given a chance to show what they can do, not be judged on where they’ve been.   As a Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe, Omer promotes Vervoe’s mission, leads the company’s strategy alongside co-founder David Weinberg, and is responsible for customers, capital and people. Prior to co-founding Vervoe with David, Omer led a corporate finance solutions team of 25 people at National Australia Bank, led an international emergency response program at Red Cross, and served as a platoon commander in Israel’s Defence Forces. Having been a leader in large corporations, the humanitarian sector, the military, and now a fast-growing startup, Omer has a unique perspective on workplace culture, motivation and what makes teams successful, and his articles on these topics have been featured in leading publications. Omer holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law with Honours, and a Masters of Law. Omer lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Erica, young son Leo and Rhodesian Ridgeback Ralph.

My blog posts

5 Things to Avoid in Your First Year as a Founder

A few days ago LinkedIn reminded me that it's been a year since I left my corporate job to become a full time co-founder and CEO at Vervoe. 365 days of uncertainty, hard work, excitement and personal growth on the startup rollercoaster. 

Why I’m So Motivated

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”

Why Our 7-Month Old Son is My Role Model for Startup Leadership

The last few months have been incredible and can best be described as a period of immeasurable growth. I have watched our first child come into this world and grow in new ways every day. Our startup, which is also our new baby, is growing rapidly and, perhaps as a consequence of both of these life-changing events -- every experience in my life feels like an explosion. I feel like I have undergone exceptional personal growth as well.