Pablo Lascurain

About Me

Pablo has participated professionally in different areas. Lawyer by education, before becoming a full time entrepreneur, he was involved in international business, real estate & government consulting, business strategic planning, and technology development. He previously founded 7 companies and currently serves as founder and CEO at INTRINNO the first OI platform in Latin America focused in creating, developing and managing innovation in big companies and implementing an innovation and happiness culture. He is Director of Startup Grind Latam and he participates actively in the organization and development of the Startups and Investors community in Latam with emphasis on creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides opportunities on a regional level to latin american entrepreneurs. In 2017 he founded 4founders a Davos style forum focused on identifying and connecting top 20 startups and top 10 investors from a region to Silicon Valley Investors and Key Players; he is also an advisor and investor in 6 startups and 1 VC fund. He is also a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine and the Huffington Post and Huff Post México.

My blog posts

The Disruptive Innovator’s Life, with Clayton Christensen Book “How Will You Measure Your Life”

Harvard Business School professor and bestselling author Dr. Clayton Christensen asserts that his latest book "How Will You Measure Your Life"  "...will equip you to lead the type of life to which you truly aspire". Having just finished the book, I couldn't agree more: the presentation was clear and the explanations rich and relatable.

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Practically since the beginning of time, we have heard the arguments around nature versus nurture. This is especially true about entrepreneurs: are they born or made? We're not yet close to solving the issue outright, but from now over two dozen interviews with founders and investors, I've seen some patterns worth sharing.

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