Phil Hayes-St Clair

About Me

I'm a serial entrepreneur and SVP of Business Development @ inkl. I blog each week about startup growth and make the Founder To Founder podcast. A scientist by training, I hold an MBA, have represented Australia on the national mens triathlon team and started my first venture at 10.

My blog posts

Losing Your Way & 5 Steps To Get Back On Track

Feeling lost as a founder happens to us all at some point.

How To Frame Opportunities

Founders are never short on opportunities. For the most part, however, opportunities are red herrings. The ones I’m talking about are those that arise after you’ve started building product.

3 Questions To Help Founders Nail Growth

On any given day there’s a lot to think about as a founder. This only increases as a business grows and while you get used to juggling priorities, it gets overwhelming from time to time.