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Prajakta is a 27 years old graphic designer by education, design thinking enabler currently living in India, Pune. Every element in Prajakta's life has restored this belief in her that enjoying work is the only way to do it. She loves everything that has to do with Human Centred Design, Graphic design, Communication Theories and feels a true devotion for development and impact through design. She started her career working on a nation-wide project of internet literacy with Google and INKtalks in India. This project has almost shaped the rest of her choices now. Last March, she even presented a talk in The Goa Conference about "The History of Design Thinking". She has written theories like "Innovation Evolution" and "Visual Surrealism of Music." She was previously working in DLabs at the Indian School of Business on business design projects and their user experiences. Currently she is working as an independent Design Thinking Enabler for startups and new ventures.

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