Rachel Boyle

  • Dublin City University, Postgraduate Student
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  • Information Technology and Services

About Me

I am currently completing a Masters in Electronic Commerce at Dublin City University. Previously, I have completed a joint major in both ‘Economics’ and ‘Information and Social computing’ at University College Dublin. This summer I will be fortunate to have the opportunity to complete a practicum which I am hoping to spin off as a Start Up. In preparation for this potential Start Up, I have been attending the Dublin Startup Grind events. I am excited to embark on the journey of writing about the Dublin chapters Startup Grind events to help provide insights into the fascinating stories. Also, I hope to encourage others to attend these events which are open to all those seeking or attracted to the journey of an entreprenure.

My blog posts

Disrupting the Health Sector - Founder Dr. Johnny Walker

In the searing Western Australia Outback heat of approximately 48 degrees, Dr. Walker provided care to 48 pregnant women a day -- from the back of a truck. This is where the initial entrepreneurial thoughts spurred to the mind of Dr. Walker, leading to the highly successful international telemedicine practice "Global Diagnostics." The thorough care, passion and selfless acts expressed by Dr. Walker throughout his mission reveal his ambition to leverage global healthcare to the highest quality.

AYLIEN’s Parsa Ghaffari: 7 Secrets To Success

An avid programmer since he was just 11 years old, Parsa Ghaffari is on the brink of a multi-million dollar startup -- selling nothing more fitting than artificial intelligence (AI) itself!