Rafi Chowdhury

About Me

Rafi Chowdhury is the founder of Chowdhury’s Digital and co-founder of myCampusHacks. He helps companies like DYL, Shapes Brow Bar, Win Hyundai, Wound Care Surgeons, and Easley Transportation grow their revenue. Examiner.com calls him the go-to guy for traffic generation; SplashOPM says he is one of the top Growth Hacking gurus on the web; Start-up Dhaka says he is one of the youngest and most successful marketers ever to come from Bangladesh; and Northeast Today Magazine calls him a web analytics Expert. Rafi was also recognized by the University of Memphis for creating one of the most innovative start-up websites for the students. The Hans India considers his blog posts to be “incredible”. In his spare time, Rafi acts an advisor to the British Young Asian Entrepreneurs.

My blog posts

Beyond Resumes, Applying For Startups

If you think joining a startup is easier than finding employment in a big company, you can just go ahead and perish that thought. This wrong idea gets lodged in the brain, because you think big companies are more selective. However, it is the startups that are the more finicky, when it comes to hiring.

5 Cloud-Based Services Every Entrepreneur Should Try

Entrepreneur or no, being fully updated on technology is a must today. I mean there is so much going on with new inventions that you can’t just sit there and let it go, or do nothing.