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Reuben Yonatan is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP and GetCRM -- trusted VoIP and CRM comparison resource that helps companies understand and choose a business communication solution for their specific needs. With a 10-year track record in building, growing and strategically shaping operational functionality in all his ventures, Reuben assists SMBs align business strategy with culture and improve overall corporate infrastructure.

My blog posts

Still Micromanaging? An Autonomous Workplace Benefits Everyone

When it comes to the well-being of your employees, it is pertinent to understand the benefits of autonomy. Studies have found that autonomy not only improves their well-being but increases their levels of job satisfaction too.But what exactly is autonomy? What about it helps improve the lives of your employees? Let's take a closer look. Hopefully, you will understand the true value of adding autonomy to your place of work. 

5 Signs You Picked the Wrong Partner for your Startup

Picking a business partner is like deciding on a college roommate. How well do you get along? How well do you actually know your potential partner?

Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need Significant (If Any) Early-Stage Funding to Succeed

For startup founders, money is close to the first thing on your mind. While it is important to properly manage your financials, it isn’t a good idea to pursue early -- stage funding. Venture capitalists and angel investors are often turned off by those companies barely off the ground that are seeking significant financing. Still, you need funds. What else can you do to build your business properly?