Rodrigo de Alvarenga

About Me

Rodrigo Alvarenga is a dreamer and an enthusiast of entrepreneurship, innovation, energy efficiency and the environment. During 22 years of experience in the Brazilian financial market at banks such as HSBC, Safra and Santander, Rodrigo worked with Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Treasury, International Division, Foreign Trade, Global Clients, Corporate Banking and Middle Market. He then finally decided to leave banking in order to dedicate himself to building his lifelong dream by subsequently founding HAG Consulting, a provider of financial and strategic consultancy services along with ECO INNOVARE, a startup focused on innovation in the environmental and energy efficiency arena. Last, but certainly not least, he's become a Grinder, with the mission of helping others build their dreams too, founded Brazil's Angels chapter on PR, became partner of Grow Ventures and an angel investor and mentor to startups. "It's unparalleled, the feeling of fulfillment and joy that I receive by doing something I really love instead of only having a job!"

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