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Sawaram Suthar is growth hacker and marketing head at Tagove - a live chat software and also a founder at Jagat Media & Thenextscoop.com. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune.

My blog posts

8 Secrets to Running a Business Startup Smoothly

Startups are not just a tiny cluster of people to be ignored. They create jobs, boost a country’s economy and introduce creative ideas for overturning current practice methods. Hence, they play a significant and important role in augmenting a nation’s economic growth and in introducing innovation to the industry they are associated with.

How Small Businesses Can Tackle Some of Their Toughest Problems?

Coming across obstacles is the one thing that all businesses have in common. However, the way we deal with such obstacles is the factor that sets us apart from the others. Some people learn to jump the hurdles and carry on with their journey, others let the obstacles derail them from their journey’s track.

Marketing Strategies That Amplify Your Business

What’s the difference between the confident entrepreneurs who lead growing businesses and owners who can’t get out of survival mode?