Sean Greenhalgh

About Me

Technology Evangelist, Expert in Sales and Business Development, Passionate about Innovative Start-Ups. Sean is a serial entrepreneur, engineer, and maker through and through. Sean has founded several businesses as well as being an advisor to several companies. Self-confessed gadget obsessed has single-handedly IoT-enabled his whole household and knows what power it can provide, and what parts are missing, and decided to start a company to make them. Prior to working in the startup world, Sean started in Bioinformatics and Drug Design and Development, working as a cancer researcher. This brought him into sales and business development for one of the world's top Biotech firms. When not helping run StartupGrind events Sean can be found running his new IoT internet connected devices company, TimeChi (, where they are making an internet connected productivity timer, to help you work faster, smarter and most of all, better by helping you block out distractions and keep focused!