Shahnaz Radjy

About Me

Shahnaz Radjy loves great ideas, inspiring people, and companies that make a difference. She enjoys traveling, problem-solving, and applying lessons learnt from a variety of contexts to business. Interests include impact investing, social entrepreneurship, sustainable agriculture. Follow her on Twitter @sradjy.

My blog posts

What Avengers Personality is Your Startup?

Heroes like the Avengers make us dream of what it might be like to develop superpowers. Part of their appeal is that unlike the X-Men, many of these powers were not genetic but obtained through some fluke event – which means we might just be able to relate to it. More importantly, Avenger characters tend to be unapologetically human, powers combining with personality traits to give each one advantages and disadvantages.

The Lost Art of Negotiation

In most well-reputed business schools around the world there is a class on negotiation that allures undergraduates as well as MBA students – because who doesn’t want to be a better negotiator?

3 Tips to Be More Efficient

Are you as efficient as you want to be? Can you get as much done each day and over the course of the year as you aspire to?