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Stacy Belinsky is a writer, photographer, MBA grad, facilitator, instructor, reader, and bonfire enthusiast. Stacy is also pursuing studies in psychology and rhetoric and writing studies. Stacy works remotely as a content manager and administrator for Type-40 Sales. @hackergals Founder

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Qualtrics Founders: Brothers Who Stick Together & Build a Million Dollar Business

​Why did Qualtrics co-founder and COO Jared Smith make the fundamental mistake of going into business with his family? At the Startup Grind Europe 2016 Conference, Smith stated that family is a benefit for their founding team. “The benefit of being brothers is since we were little kids we could beat on each other and have the hardest arguments, then still be buddies 10 minutes later.”

Michigan’s First Female Winemaker: The Art and Science of Winemaking

It may seem that women enjoy drinking wine more than men, but when it comes to winemakers, it is a male dominated industry. The amount of women entering the field has been increasing. When Nancie Oxley became St. Julian Winery’s head winemaker in 2010, she also earned the title of Michigan’s first female winemaker in 2002 when she was hired.

Nancy Lublin: An Entrepreneur Before Knowing How To Spell "Entrepreneur"

As someone who is an entrepreneur, I am always looking for examples of successful founders.. , I look specifically for people  who I can relate to their experience , and because I am one, I also look for women examples. TEDx talks can be a great resource, and discovering a TED Talk by Nancy Lublin happened to hit the mark.

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