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As an entrepreneur and Managing Director of Blanket Media, I drink a lot of coffee. When I'm not strategizing over coffee I'm testing outlandish growth tactics with social media influencers and talking about higher education.

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Why are Instagram “Instapods” Important For Startups?

An Instapod is a themed group message of between 10-15 content creators on Instagram.

Designing Growth For Startups

Marketers need to learn the six fundamentals of user experience design to grow faster:

Live Stream Billboards – The Underground Billion Dollar Industry

YouTube released its beta of live streaming to content creators who have over 15,000 subscribers on their channel in June of 2016. As a YouTuber with 30,000 subscribers and 250,000 monthly views, I was eager to test live streaming with my audience. Over the past 3-months, I’ve worked closely with a community of fellow YouTubers from Finland, the UK, and India who introduced me to the elusive “Live Stream Billboards.” This underground marketing channel is believed by many creators to be the beginnings of a billion dollar industry.

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