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About Me

Tommaso is a serial entrepreneur with 2 exits based in Silicon Valley, with 18 yrs of tech expertise Tommaso is passionate about sharing lessons learned with others as a speaker, as an advisor to startup accelerators (such as Draper University, The Alchemist, etc) and as a writer. He lived on 3 continents, speaks 6 languages and blogs actively on Tommaso's upcoming book helps entrepreneurs get traction.

My blog posts

10 Practices That Make A Great Hustler

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of failure. It’s the name of the game, and often inevitable. However, there is an attribute that is completely in your control that you are capable of honing. What is this attribute that can mean the difference between failure and success? Hustle. But if you’re not a natural one, how can you mold yourself into being a great hustler?

4 Things To Consider Before Sharing Data With VCs

A startup I advise was facing challenges with the VC intros they were getting. They were disrupting the Brazilian fishing industry with a VR/AR app that expedited the phase of finding where fishing boats should drop their nets - but when it came to fundraising, the fish weren't biting. Once in Silicon Valley, they were introduced to four venture Bay Area firms. As a response to the intro, the founders attached a NDA for the investor to sign in preparation of their meeting.

The Founder's Guide to Valuing Your Startup

Business valuation of any kind is never cut and dry. For startups with little or no revenue and an uncertain future, assigning a valuation is especially tricky. For mature businesses that are publicly listed and have a steady revenue, there are specific facts and figures to use to determine a value. However, a startup is much more difficult to value since it is likely nowhere near making relevant sales. If you need to raise capital for your startup, it’s important to determine what your startup’s value is. But do how to best value your startup?