Tommy Wyher

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About Me

Tommy is a passionate writer and cook from the state of Florida. He is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate and was a college swimmer there. Now that he has retired from the pool he helps clients create content that can help engage their audience on their website blogs.

My blog posts

Issues Startups Face and How to Deal With Them Efficiently

Problems are going to occur when it comes to a startup as all businesses tend to have growing pains in their infancy. The ways that founders and staff react to these issues can have long term implications on the business and its brand.

Digital Marketing Tips For Your Small or Large Startup

The world of marketing has shifted power to digital platforms having the largest impact on businesses. This is due to the amount of traffic that is seen on a daily basis due to people surfing on their smartphones.

Why Startups Need To Cut the Paperwork and Focus on What Matters

One problem with running a startup is that you’re doing lots of things yourself and time is at a premium. When you’re more focused on administrative tasks than the actual function of your business, it sometimes feels like things are slipping away from you. They don’t have to.