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About Me

Tommy is a passionate writer and cook from the state of Florida. He is a UNC Chapel Hill graduate and was a college swimmer there. Now that he has retired from the pool he helps clients create content that can help engage their audience on their website blogs.

My blog posts

How Being Socially and Environmentally Friendly As a Business Can Be Leveraged

The number of companies that have started to value their impact over profits is growing. This is a huge change from past generations when profits were all that mattered even if it came at the expense of the environment.

Your Home-Based Startup: Tips To Thrive

Starting a Business is Easier With Today's Technology.

10 Essential Tools for Building Your Startup

The road to startup business success is paved with failures. These business failures were companies that either didn’t have a good vision for a product or service, or companies that did have a good vision but didn’t take the time to put a solid foundation in place before they began building the business.