Vanessa Wagner

About Me

Curator of Collisions, Entrepreneurship Advocate, Startup Catalyst As Loudoun County’s Small Business & Entrepreneurship Manager, I focus on supporting small businesses and growing the entrepreneur ecosystem in Loudoun. My previous experience in marketing and program development assists me in communicating the opportunities in Loudoun both inside, and outside of our region.

My blog posts

What Is a Smart City, and Why You Should Care

If you work or live in the DC Metro Region, by now you’ve probably heard rumblings about the upcoming development Gramercy District.

Please Don't Call Yourself The Silicon Valley Of The _____

Location, Location, Location

Think Startup to Stay Big

Small businesses have the advantage to fail fast and pivot quickly in a direction that responds best to current market demands. This is one of the reasons that more large firms are embracing startups, or creating their own niche project teams to spur innovation.