David Butler

About Me

An expert in startup culture and entrepreneurship, known as the “Go to guy” in the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem. Involved in the Zurich startup scene since 2009, David has been managing events for entrepreneurs such as Startup Grind, Zuripreneur Meetup, Failcon, FintechDay, and mentoring / judging at Mass Challenge, Startup Weekend, Founder Institute. Always connecting founders and investors, advising startups, with a passion to inspire the next big thing.
David is building bridges between technology and business. With a background in product development and technical implementation, combined with experience in problem diagnosing and solving, helping startups and business clients translate their needs and those of the market into new features, refinements and products. As Director of Startup Grind Zurich, I forge connections between local and global entrepreneurs, experts, executives and investors.
As a serial networker and social media aficionado, his love for testing beta versions of new products coming out of Zurich’s many startups has made him a sought-after advisor in many industries. A family man, shutterbug and snowboarder, engaging with you in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German (basic).

My blog posts

This is How Female Founders are Moving Switzerland Forward

First Round Capital recently noted that female founded companies performed 63% better than all-male founding teams. This endorsement strikes at the heart of the matter for any entrepreneur: the link between performance and funding. We can no longer ignore the role women play in building great companies - in Switzerland nor around the world.

More than Chocolate: Join Switzerland's First Equity-Free Accelerator Fund Today

Developing a business idea is always challenging and common knowledge says more than 90% of startups fail. But there are ways to improve your odds: studies of business incubator show the survival rate of a business that goes through an accelerator program can be as high as three times that of companies who don’t. What’s more, research shows companies that completed an accelerator grew faster than companies who didn’t. Though every founder should ask questions before joining an accelerator, it's clear that first time entrepreneurs need support, and at some point, funding. Though thousands of accelerators exist worldwide, here's why the Swiss Kickstart Accelerator could be what you're looking for.

Working on a Biotech Startup? Move Fast, Get There Early, and Become Defensible, says this Bio Founder

Whether it comes to biotech or your latest app, being first always helps. But when Abionic launched a product to diagnose up to 10 allergies using just one drop of blood in 20 minutes - with the same precision as traditional tests - the company didn't just move fast, it made a huge splash. This fast-moving but detail-oriented culture comes from founder Nicolas Durand, who couldn't wait to build something important: While pursuing his PhD, he struck an agreement with his advisors: “My advisors said it would be a 4 year program.  But I wanted to launch a company before 4 years, so I proposed completing my PhD in 3 years and then spending the last year launching the business. My advisors didn’t like the idea of diverting from the traditional plan, but they finally accepted my proposal.” He couldn't be stopped.