Gabriele Ianiro

  • University of Molise, PhD Student
  • Campobasso
  • Research
entrepreneurial ecosystems · Consulting · education · Innovation Hubs · ecosystem builders · Innovation Theory · a fan of new technologies

About Me

I am a business strategy consultant: I help startups and SMEs to define better business models, better growth strategies and to find capital for their projects. I am working on a project to build an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Molise, Italy, beginning from the creation of an Innovation Hub. My aim is that to spur innovation in this region, in order to create better economic conditions and give to its citizens - especially the youngest ones - the chance not to leave it to seek fortune somewhere else. If you want to know more about it and how you can be involved, send me an email or a DM. I am the first Chapter Director of Startup Grind X Campobasso and the Co-Organizer of TEDxCampobasso. I really hope my action will affect positively as much people as possible. I am a Ph.D. Student at University of Molise, and I am working on a research that aims to discover how universities in EU's lagging regions (with a focus on Southern Italy) can orchestrate entrepreneurial regional innovation ecosystems through internal reorganization and innovation. This could lead to a strategic model that universities in Southern Italy (and, hopefully, in other regions of Europe) could use. If you want to know more about this, contact me. I offer my support to a Master's Degree course at University of Molise for what concerns Startups and Innovation. There I have yearly seminars about the basics of Startup Management and Business Design. I am deeply passionate about strategic planning and business creation, fields of study in which I developed a few skills, and in which I am gathering more and more experience. Especially, my attention goes to startups, innovation and exponential technologies, and I love helping people to bring their own innovative startup idea to life and to grow their businesses successfully. My other passion is helping students of all ages: that is why I enjoy teaching and helping them in finding their own career path. If you are a student and you need some support, send me a DM. I won the first edition of the Lean Startup Machine in Rome, with a crazy idea. (2014) I am a Volunteer at Erasmus Student Network Unimol, one of the youngest sections of ESN Italy, and I contributed to its creation since its early days back in 2016, making it my first experience in managing a non-profit association. I have been a Student Representative for the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at UniMol.