Gabriele Ianiro

  • Studio Commerciale Ianiro Giancarlo, Junior Business Consultant
  • Campobasso
  • Management Consulting
entrepreneurial ecosystems · Consulting · education · Innovation Hubs · ecosystem builders · Innovation Theory · a fan of new technologies

About Me

I am at my first experience as a consultant. I am working on a project to create an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Molise, Italy, beginning from the creation of an Innovation Hub based on startups. My aim is that to bring a wind of innovation to this region, in order to create better economic conditions and give to its citizens - especially the youngest ones - the chance not to leave it to seek fortune somewhere else. I am the first Chapter Director of Startup Grind X Campobasso. I really hope my action will affect positively as much people as possible. I offer my support to a Master's Degree course at University of Molise for what concerns Startups and Innovation. There I talk about the basics of Startup Management. I am deeply passionate about strategic planning and business creation, fields of study in which I developed a few skills, and in which I am gathering more and more experience. Especially, my attention goes to startups, innovation and exponential technologies, and I love helping people to bring their own innovative startup idea to life and to grow their businesses successfully. My other passion is helping students of all ages: that is why I enjoy teaching and helping them in finding their own career path. I won the first edition of the Lean Startup Machine in Rome, with a crazy idea. (2014) I am a Volunteer at Erasmus Student Network Unimol, a section of ESN Italy, and I contributed to its creation since its early days back in 2017, making it my first experience in managing a non-profit association. I have been a Student Representative for the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation course at UniMol.