Guillaume De Smedt

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Guillaume De Smedt, "G", as he is otherwise known, is the Global Community Director for Startup Grind. He completed his bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering and is part of the Silicon Cape Board.

My blog posts

Some Google Mind Melds For Improving Your Business

Is it hard for you to help your business to operate at it's full potential? What is causing the breakdown? Have you identified these issues and written them down?

6 Rules for Engaging Customers

Growing your online business starts with knowing the difference between marketing and content marketing. “Content marketing,” has a plethora of definitions depending on whom you ask, but at the core of it is this: It’s about engaging customers and having a conversation, not hard sells and pitches. It’s the difference between a discussion and a lecture. Whether you’re creating content for a special event or re-branding from scratch, engagement should be at the core of your marketing.

Startup Grind Cape Town: South African Entrepreneurship Unplugged

Starting your own business is exciting, challenging, freeing but mostly scary.