LaTaunja Martin

entrepreneur · womens design · engineering · small business

About Me

I work several years as an engineer working within various sectors of the Defense & Space industry (U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Department of Defense). I am also the founder of The National Employee Rapport Database (NERD); which is an information technology database system that will be the one-stop shop information source for employment history reports for consumers and human resource professionals. Visit Also, I am a strong advocate and very passionate about helping female entrepreneurs; so I have founded Boss Lady Grind; Boss Lady Grind is a movement that will help female entrepreneurs with gaining visibility, scaling their business and assisting them with getting founding or capital to help with their startup costs this will be accomplished by showcasing their business through an Annual Boss Lady Grind Expo. Support Our Mission for creating a Platform for Female Entrepreneurs go to Follow on Twitter and Instagram @bossladygrinds; Facebook at Boss Lady Grind