Alison Rice

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About Me

Inspired by nature, passionate about people, empowered to innovate impact-driven solutions for both. With educational & professional experience in Horticultural Therapy, and a backpack in tow, I immersed myself in biodiverse regions of 3 continents in nearly 10 countries, learning about agriculture, permaculture, blue & circular economies, and globally diverse community cultures. My personal mission is to take my professional experience, education, and global immersion to make change. For the environment, for people, for the future. From its inception as an idea until now, impassioned as the founding force & visionary of Tira Ecological Solutions. Transforming green waste by engineering network solutions and smart technology for social and environmental impact. Creating biodiverse systems to reclaim energies from green waste and strengthen the circular economy. Establishing sustainability norms in a cross-collaboration initiative of community, environment, and multi-sectoral industries. As Director of Startup Grindx Granada in partnership with Google for Startups, building and nurturing the startup ecosystem in Granada, Spain to merge networks of global expertise. Connecting local entrepreneurs to other innovators, educators, and investors to grow. Creating opportunities for local and nomadic founders to learn, engage, and be inspired by lessons of world-renowned leaders. With over 10 years experience in horticulture/biodiverse soil solutions, a decade since my first green waste diversion, experienced as an Environmental Educator- sustainability outreach and social inclusion are personal key drivers. Borne by the sea with a heart in the mountains, and a fascinated by all the nature and animals between- when seeking the balance from work you can find me still on the move. Either with a tent on some faraway trail, with my skis touring or shredding powder, trying to paddle back from what was likely a wipeout, or bringing it all together with some yoga.