Zaur Samadov - Unsizade

  • Startup Grind Baku, Director
  • Baku
  • Financial Services
accelerators · a fan of new technologies · Innovation management · entrepreneurial ecosystems

About Me

I am an ex-CEO of Youth Inc. Entrepreneurship Programme. Before being named Programme manager in September 2018, he held leadership roles in both incubation process and strategic planning across the organization. Joining Youth Inc. Entrepreneurship Programme in 2015, he quickly became known as a leader who could span a breadth of innovation and to transform some of service offerings. Now, I am senior specialist at Innovation Agency Azerbaijan. Most recently, I was certified in Israel as an expert in running commercial business accelerators in developing ecosystems. In this role he led the transformation of awareness methodologies used and services in incubation process. Simultaneously, I lead R&D in electronic wave transformation and is CEO of CHEVIR, which was nominated for Kaspersky Award. I am a member of MASHAV Israel’s Agency for International Cooperation Development and “Shalom Club Azerbaijan”. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Translation&Interpretation from Baku Business University and a master’s degree in business administration from the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.