Roshanay Asif Sheikh

  • Raja Industries (PVT) LTD, Managing Director
  • Sialkot
  • Apparel & Fashion
Creative Thinking · Artificial Intelegence · WorkTech · Social Intelligence · workforce globalization · music · development · global entrepreneurship · social innovation · technology · Youth Leadership · women in tech · Website Development · women In business

About Me

Moved by intense passion of achieving my well-defined goals, I have been working in various spaces to reach out to find and exhaust my inner potential. After completing my education in the field of Software Engineering, I have been involved in my Shoe Business aiming to expand our current operations and launching new product lines. Having coming from a Business background, the urge to becoming an Entrepreneur lead to me launching my start-ups. The tech start up I run is Chef Online which is a portal where Home based Chefs can upload their food online and customers can order from there. I have also been working as a Freelancer on different platforms to keep making my skills better. Having been involved in Social Activism since a very young age, I have managed to motivate and inspire the young people through my organization Azaad Pakistan to engage in activities which aim to make the society a better place. Moreover, I am a motivational and public speaker. I aim to motivate people and give them the inspiration to achieve something in their lives which doesn't only benefit them but others around them too. My hometown is an Industrial Hub! I want to introduce Technology in ways that can benefit this hub! With the sole purpose of "Industry Meets Technology", I am starting Startup Grind Sialkot to guide young entrepreneurs and provide them a platform where they could network, make friends and learn from each other!