Sana Tayeb

About Me

As the Creative Director and Brand Strategist at Novation Consulting Inc., a New York-based design and communications agency, I help brands transform into icons and companies into stories worth telling. With over 6 years of experience spearheading a team of designers, developers, PR specialists, and marketing experts at Novation, I have worked with some of the most dynamic brands from across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

My blog posts

Crack the Branding Code: How to Build Your Message and Value Proposition Right the First Time

Just over a decade ago, vintage clothing empress Nasty Gal was sitting pretty as a top notch startup with over $65 million in venture capital funding.

Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead: Leadership Lessons from Richard Branson's "The Virgin Way"

In his book, The Virgin Way, Richard Branson shares a few key pieces of wisdom that have helped him to achieve the success he enjoys today. Here are some lessons that entrepreneurs can take from The Virgin Way, one of the most engaging books on leadership.