Pam Cepeda

About Me

The way we balance our family life and our work life is going through changes. So far there is no real solution on how to achieve the right balance. As a woman and a mother, it seems to me that it should be an important issue for society. Joint responsibility and family reconciliation could help minimise inequality of job opportunities and career paths, especially affecting women. 4 years ago I created CoFamily Coworking, the first coworking designed for families in Andalusia and Granada (2016). Since, then we have able to provide support to many freelancers and entrepreneurial working families. The CoFamily Coworking brand is synonymous with professional achievement, especially for women in the role of mother, and it offers opportunity for social entrepreneurship and co-responsibility. I am interested in promoting initiatives and programs that deal with the topic of work and family balance and entrepreneurship. As Co-Director of Startupgrind in Granada, I aim to highlight and value the work and talent of so many inspiring entrepreneurs in our city.