Lorenzo Garofano

About Me

Business leader with over 15 years of experience in multiple industries and regions and an all-round blend of management, commercial and technical skills. Passionate about people, growth and innovation, I thrive on making things happen from idea to strategy to action, and aim to have a positive impact on people’s life and our environment. I am a personal coach (www.lifefull.co), a freelance business advisor helping startups on sales, marketing, business development and customer experience, and developing my own business ideas (a coaching self-help platform; a service to support seniors with meaningful part time work after retirement; a platform to rent art). I spent the previous 12 years at EF Education First, fulfilling senior roles in sales, marketing and customer experience. My work has focussed on growing EF's business in several markets in Europe and Asia, achieving double digit sales growth while helping young people become global, develop their potential and access new opportunities by studying abroad. A self-starter and go-getter, I enjoy working on new and exciting challenges, from opening a new office to launching a guerrilla marketing campaign, from developing new partnerships to hiring and growing people into senior roles. I have lived in countries and worked and traveled to 50 more. As a result, it is easy for me to adjust and stay flexible, and to navigate uncharted waters. I am fluent in English, Italian and Spanish, conversational in Japanese, Portuguese, French and German. In my free time I love traveling and connecting with people and cultures. I am an avid reader, and passionate about personal development. I enjoy skiing, sailing, yoga, triathlon and mixing music. I support communities, causes and people that dream of a fairer and more sustainable world.