Justin Wong

  • Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, Operations Assistant
  • South San Francisco
  • Public Relations and Communications
Accelerator · weightlifting · Business development · web app development · Adidas · Website Development · swimming · Photography · Saas Development · web development · blockchain-ai-iot-sharing economy-mobile app-finance-travel-medical devices-robotic · Data Mining · JavaScipt · Aviation

About Me

A Bay Area native, I'm a student studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I love traveling and trying new foods, meeting new people, and taking awesome pictures. Outside of my lovely academics(consists of 25% going to class, 25% studying, and 100% doing problem sets and coding projects/labs), I help run the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp(BMoE) and do business development work at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. I'm interested in SaaS solutions, innovative blockchain technology in Fintech and Social Good, and creative data-driven/AI solutions, all industries I hope to get into in the future.