Josh Massey

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About Me

I am a builder, coach, experiential educator, husband, father, and coffee enthusiast. Combine these…and it is no surprise to those that know me that Ortus Academy was the outcome. I am a leader in the Financial Intelligence Movement! At Ortus Academy, we know that money matters, but Financial Intelligence Matters More. In order to have a meaningful life, an individual needs to be financially intelligent – meaning to understand the mechanics of money and to be aware of their own habits and emotions when it comes to financial behaviors – and that education in this field can improve their mental, physical and social well-being. We’ve created a variety of ways to do this. Money Club thinks of money like a sport – we have practice, drills, team meetings, games, and superstars. We work with businesses wanting to help their team members thrive, reduce financial stress, improve productivity and culture. We work with youth to provide them the skills they need to make tough life decisions that are coming - college, career, home-buying... Our workshops and course combo can be done completely virtually, in person, or as a hybrid. Learn more at