Josh Massey

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About Me

I am a builder, coach, experiential educator, husband, father, and coffee enthusiast. Combine these…and it is no surprise to those that know me that Ortus Academy was the outcome. I am a leader in the Financial Intelligence Movement! At Ortus Academy, we know that money matters, but Financial Intelligence matters more. In order to have a meaningful life, an individual needs to be financially intelligent – meaning to understand the mechanics of money and to be aware of their own habits and emotions when it comes to financial behaviors – and that education in this field can better their mental, physical and social well-being. We’ve created a variety of ways to do this. The Money Club is our premier youth experience – 15 hours of hands-on education. We’ve created a live-action game (which acts as a practice field) that puts our players in a five-year simulation that forces them to be the decision makers. The club treats money like a sport – we have practice, drills, team meetings, games, and superstars. Learn more at