Dani Dumitrescu

About Me

With a Ph.D. in Cybernetics and Economic Statistics, over 18 years of experience in the financial field (banks, insurance, guarantee funds, commodities and stock exchanges, money transfer, NPLs, fin-tech and European funds), Daniel Dumitrescu worked in the last years as Financial Expert of the European Commission and Chief Executive Officer of the Romanian Commodities Exchange. Currently, he is a Co-founder alongside Dr. Diana Dumitrescu of the European Center for Services Investments and Financing, based in Bucharest and offices in Brussels and London, with the mission of helping innovative SMEs to develop through European and alternative funding by understanding all the requirements and benefits associated with each type of finance. European Center for Services Investments and Financing - ECSIF Ltd. is going further to fulfill its mission by investing own or attracted funds in the development of European innovative companies. Our range of investments varies from acceleration stage Start-ups to early IPO - successful SMEs. We selectively invest in the following innovative industries: Fin Tech, Energy Tech, Health Tech.