Tini Mamuchashvili

  • SG HQ, Community Manager for Europe & Africa
  • Tbilisi
startups · innovation · people · design thinking · art and technology · adventuroustraveler · dance

About Me

I was born in Georgia and then left to China in 2014. Then in 2020 because of corona virus I had to leave China and return to Georgia again, where I still remain, yay. Now what happened in between 2014-2020. Started to: 1.Learn Chinese 2. Work for Chinese exhibition company and organised cool international trade fairs 3. Volunteer for Startup Grind Beijing and elevated to as one of the co-directors. 4. Work for luxury hotel as event planner and then 2020 happened... if you know what I mean. But I don't complain, I love being back in Georgia. After returning to Georgia: transferred to local chapter in Tbilisi and organised regional conference and 23 events in 13 months, founded my own startup, consulting School of Technology at Ilia State University and helping students to make their life cooler and easier. Got any questions, let's connect. Bye, Tini