Martin Kefer

About Me

Martin is an accomplished robotics engineer who has worked as a research scientist for ABB for several years, the largest robot manufacturer in the world. With ABB he built entirely new robot prototypes. Martin also worked on robot vision applications, motion control, path planning, as well as algorithm design for various technical applications. He has published several IEEE papers and patents. After leaving ABB in late 2016, Martin founded Motus Operandi, which is set out to revolutionize robot industry as we know it. Very quickly Martin assembled a small team of executives to start-up Motus Operandi in the land of the biggest robot market, China. Motus Operandi is about optimizing robot applications, intelligent planning and usage of industrial robots, to reduce their energy consumption and increase their profitability. Motus' intelligent solution allows to program a robot’s motion with no effort, with the click of a button. Martin is a regular speaker at various events, e.g. Hardware Massive, StartupGrind, Startup Festival, SLUSH, to mention a few.