Heli Rodriguez Prilliman

About Me

Lacquerbar is overhauling the $20B antiquated nail salon industry with their online education platform, Lacquerbar U, which will power their feminist focused, experiential nail salons/schools. The platform monetizes nail technician training and recruiting, and in the process, overhauls the ineffective and predatory beauty school system for nail techs. Paul Mitchell Systems generates over $1B in annual revenue from its schools, salons, and products. Lacquerbar will be the multibillion dollar company for the nail industry with their added global online education focus. Prior to launching Lacquerbar, the Founder and CEO, Heli Prilliman, was a founding team member of Fivestars, which was recently listed as one of the Top 100 Y Combinator companies. Heli helped scale the company to over 50M users and 13K SMB clients in her five years at Fivestars. She is a lifelong nail art enthusiast who encountered major issues in the nail technician industry, both as a customer and a nail tech student in beauty school.