Ommsharravana Sendamaraai

  • J.K.K.Nattraja Institutions, Director
  • Kumarapalayam
  • Education Management
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About Me

Ommsharravana is an innovator and believer in Game-changing the field of education for the betterment of the future generations. After his graduation from the highly acclaimed Montfort school in the year 2000, Mr.Ommsharravana pursued his interests in commerce and law at the Madras University and Delhi University respectively.He is also a Life Long Learner who has attended various short term courses in Harvard Business School,Stanford University,Oxford University,INSEAD and IIM Bangalore. Currently as a Managing Director,Mr.Ommsharravana is Running and administering J.K.K.Nataraja Instituions which is a group of Colleges,Hospitals and Schools set up in 1953 with the ulterior motive of providing affordable subsidised education and health service. Around 10,000 students are studying in the educational institutions and Institutions are all are located near Erode in Tamilnadu.Mr.Ommsharravana is the grandson of Kodaivallal Thiru.J.K.K.Natarajah (Late) a great visionary, Philanthropist, Industrialist, Educationalist and the founder of J.K.K.Nattraja Educational Institutions. Mr.Ommsharravana founded a Social service organisation called NAMMA KUMARAPALAYAM which is fast becoming a Model organisation for many other organisations.Mr.Ommsharravana is Allied to Ethical Political action & is Obsessed about People's Participation in Resolving Local Issues in their localities. Mr.Ommsharravana is also assigned as “Mentor of Change” from Niti Aayog to mentor students and bring out the creativity among the students according to Atal Innovation Mission.