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Emmanuel is the Delineation Manager at Jack Mutua Architects Inc. - an architecture company in Windhoek, Namibia - and the founder of Ubunifu Inc., a design and built environment research company which specializes in Eco-effective technologies and investment in architecture, urban design and environmental management. 'Ubunifu' - the Swahili word for 'creativity' and 'innovation' - summarises what he is about. An enthusiast photographer, cyclist and lover of nature, Emmanuel's passion for great design is only paralleled by that of good food, philosophy and mentally engaging conversation.

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Rio Paul: The Man Changing Fashion in Africa Forever

Meet Rio Paul Though the day started out with heavy downpour which usually brings the city to a halt with unimaginable traffic jams, broken communication routes, and of dampening everyone's spirits, the people who came to meet Rio Paul at BUNI Innovation Hub were so vibrant, patient and understanding.

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