Maurizio Maraglino Misciagna

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About Me

I am a chartered accountant, expert in startups and innovative finance. I deal with contaminating the business ecosystem in the province of Taranto since 2011 thanks to the work done with the Puglia Startup association throughout the Puglia region. My goal is to bring a wind of innovation in the province of Taranto, in order to create better economic conditions and give its citizens - especially the youngest - the possibility of not leaving it to seek fortune elsewhere. I'm the first Chapter Director of Startup Grind X Taranto. I hope that my enthusiasm will positively influence as many people as possible. I am a lecturer in various masters and training seminars throughout Italy on the topics of innovative entrepreneurship. I collaborate with universities and national and international research bodies.  I am deeply passionate about business creation and business planning, fields of study in which I have gained a decade of experience. I am a journalist and I write for important economic journals on the subjects of entrepreneurial innovation. Currently I hold various positions in important innovative companies. I live in the province of Taranto where I work and I have a family. I am passionate about technology and food and beer lover.