Andrew Broadbent

  • Vab Media Digital Marketing Agency , Director of Search Marketing
  • New York City
  • Marketing and Advertising

About Me

I cover and write about topics such as entrepreneurship, conversion optimization, digital marketing tips and strategies for the startup and investor community.    Co founded Vab Media a digital marketing startup agency in New York.  I consult VC backed startup businesses with Internet marketing guidance. A known growth specialist, aiding companies with the expansion of their branding, visibility, and customer experiences online through a variety of strategies. I build and optimize many profitable websites, some of which hold first page rankings for major keywords in Google. I have experience with writing branded content for search. I also specialize in identifying and capturing profitable niches across a wide variety of subject matters. Generally helping companies 'ring the cash register' online. I lead our data-driven SEO team providing strategy, overseeing processes, providing training and testing the latest SEO strategies to improve conversion and revenue for all of our clients. I have been interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, LA Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. A contributor to Econsultancy, Startup Grind, and Google for Education.

My blog posts

Customer Experience Mapping: What Is It And How To Do It?

Have you ever walked into your favorite retail brick and mortar store and felt a disconnect between how its brand attempts to speak to you via email, catalogs and snail mail flyers, compared to how its in-store experience interacts with you?  


8 Key Components Your Website Needs to Raise Venture Capital Money

What are the factors that make a company worth funding or investing in? Are you making something users want to use and pay for? Is your timing in the market late or early? Do you have a value proposition, proprietary technology, or patent advantage over other competitors? Have you validated your idea before and during development? All these questions sound overwhelming, but if you are ready to raise, you should be prepared to answer them.


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